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3 Content Engagement Metrics You Can’t Ignore

You've heard about "vanity metrics," haven't you? For example, the number of social media followers you have. But followers don't do you any good if they don't convert into leads. What really matters is if those social media followers are part of your target market. With content and engagement, you have the same issue. Some [...]

What Makes a Blog Post Stand Out in 2016?

Get this: more than 4 million blog posts get written daily. Check out this link at Worldometers to see the live count. Feel free to stay up 'till midnight to see the total count and let me know what the precise number is... You know a ton of content's out there. It's called "content saturation." [...]

Great Marketing Focuses on THIS, Not Features or Benefits

What makes one marketing approach drive a business through the roof, while another just sputters along? There's dozens of factors. In this case, consider just that - your approach. How does most of your marketing go? Do you start talking about your company, product, service, features, or benefits right away? Don't prospects need to know [...]

7 Steps to Gaining a Large Following on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to expand your marketing efforts, and in many cases, you can't afford not to be on Twitter. For example, statistics direct from Twitter indicate that 73 percent of small-business customers feel better about a business after reading its tweets. That said, building a large following takes time, investment and effort. [...]

The Smart Salesperson’s Guide to Making Coaching Work for Your Sales Team

How many times have you tried to make sales coaching work for your team…only to suddenly realize you’re doing the same old thing weeks or months later?  Don’t old habits die hard? Have you tried sales coaching before, and found that it didn’t do a thing? Sales coaching does work. You just have to do it [...]

The ROI of 7 Leading Digital Marketing Tactics

Where should you spend most of your time with digital marketing? After all, you can use e-mail, SEO, content, PPC, display ads, video, banner ads, retargeting, and so much more! Well, I have the answer for you. And it comes in this simple image from Adobe: That’s pretty conclusive right there! And honestly, I’ve seen [...]

Should Your Company Invest in Sales Acceleration Technology?

According to a story at CIO TODAY, investment in sales acceleration technology surpassed $1.2 billion in April of 2015. That’s a sizable figure which clearly indicates a trend. However, is it a trend your company should join? How many technologies have you seen that were supposed to be “the next big thing,” but then failed [...]

Mission Matters: Defining the What, How and Why of Your Business

While many may believe that a company's vision and mission statement are the same, they aren't. One focuses on the future of the business. The other focuses on how the business is going to achieve that future. Having a clear vision statement and a mission statement are both so important to business success. Here's why [...]

How to Develop a Strong Call to Action that Increases Your Sales

There are quite a few ways to generate sales leads. For instance, your business might create useful content such as podcasts and how-to guides on its blog, or it might send newsletters to registered subscribers. No matter what, an essential part of the lead generation process is writing a strong call to action. However, too [...]

Ohhh, So you’re in marketing… 8 (and More!) Disciplines The Marketing Field Demands

By: Andy Moore Not long before I began working at Prospectr a little over three months ago, I would not have envisioned myself being in the field of marketing at all—in any capacity. Nearly all of my previous experience is in educational or other nonprofit environments, as I used to work as a librarian. I [...]