The Real Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

If you’re new to the idea marketing automation, it’s tempting to think,”Wow, automation. I bet that saves me a lot of time.” But marketing automation software doesn’t really save you time. So why do businesses use it? Because this is how it helps: 1. Save Time on Manual Labor/Boring Tasks Sending follow-up e-mails after downloading,…

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4 Mistakes Your Proposal Makes that Don’t Close the Sale

Have you ever thought of your sales process like this? Every word you say. Every word your prospect reads. Your tone of voice. Your website design. Every last detail affects whether or not they’ll buy from you. So here’s what you might be doing with your proposals that causes you to lose deals: 1. You…

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Do You Know WHY Your Prospects Want to Meet with You?

Time-saver alert: knowing why your prospect wants to meet with you tells you whether it’s even worth your time to meet with them. Remember, no matter how good of a salesperson you are, not every deal is closable. In fact, how many of your deals are closable depends in large part on the quality of…

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What to do About Buyers Completing 60% of the Sales Process Before Talking to You

60% of the buying process – that’s the stat you’ll see most sales trainers, coaches, and thought leaders tell you. That’s how much of the sales process your buyer completes before even talking to you. So what do you do about that? What Most Companies Do  Most throw their arms up in the air and…

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Is Your Market Too Competitive? Nonsense!

Ahhh…the American free market. It may be the greatest invention of any society to date. But it has its cons too… What if your competitors start dropping their prices to snatch up your customers? That’s a good thing for the market. But a MAJOR obstacle for you! In her post on a similar topic, sales…

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How Much Each Touchpoint Adds to Your Marketing Costs

I read an interesting post over at Marketo’s blog. It talks about “pipeline-to-cost” ratio. In plain English, it basically means how much did a marketing channel or tactic contribute to a lead’s development in comparison to the cost of marketing on that channel? Marketo checked this information in two ways: First-touch – what was the ratio based…

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Success Mindset: Why Failing Today Matters

Worth more than $70 billion, arguably the greatest investor of all-time, and one of the best business minds ever, you have to agree Warren Buffet is a resounding success. But, he admits, he made a $100 billion mistake in 1967, when first starting his investing career. Back then, he ran a hedge fund. Rather than…

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Use These 8 Mind-Blowing Statistics to Close More Sales Today

Think you know what you’re doing in sales? Maybe you do, and you’re spot on, making a total killing. But sales changes so fast that maybe what you used to think was true isn’t anymore. Things aren’t working, and you’re not sure why. Check out these sales stats and see what the case might be for…

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How to Build Relationships with Powerful Executives

Breaking into the trust network of a senior executive is tough. Like, really tough. Regardless of how long they’ve been there, they’ve usually worked with trusted advisors for years. Plus, like every professional, they’re strapped for time. They have hundreds of e-mails sitting in their inbox. They have 20 voice messages they haven’t listened to.…

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3 Fastest Ways Guaranteed to Help You Make Your 2nd Half Sales Numbers

Uh-oh. Did you just look at your sales numbers for 2015…and notice you’re way behind where you should be for the second half? What can you do to recover and save the day? Relax – we got you covered. Here’s what to do: 1. Focus on What Your Prospect Wants to Buy, Not Convincing Convincing…

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