How to Add Value to Every Prospect Interaction So Customers Can’t Wait to Do Business with You

“Hi Sally, just checking in to see…” “Hello Sally, hope all is well with you…” “Hello Sally, I’m reaching out to see…” “Hello, Sally, I’m touching base to…” Do you know how many e-mails like these prospects see daily? They don’t incent interest or action. So, your prospects disengage, and you don’t close any more…

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Your Employees Need Motivation in These 6 Ways That Don’t Include Money

When you think of “The American Dream,” what image pops up in your head? A big house, fancy car, lots of vacations…all material things. There’s no doubt about it – money motivates. But after a while, and for just about every person, the motivation money offers dies out. Money’s important – your employees must feel well-compensated…

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Why Do the Best Salespeople Seem To Have All the Luck?

Grrrrrr… No matter what you seem to do in your sales process, you don’t close at the same rate as your office’s “superstar.” You’ve tried everything: increasing urgency, closing more aggressively, qualifying prospects better, saying “no” to more requests, and nothing seems to improve your results. It’s frustrating because you can’t seem to find what…

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Seal the Deal with These 6 Sales Closing Techniques

You and your prospect agreed to a price and date to begin service. Then, when you sent the forms to sign…nothing. Did your weeks and months of hard work go down the drain for naught? What did you do to get your prospect to act? You did do something to incent them to act, didn’t…

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Sex Sells. By Rachel Pedersen.

It just does. That’s why you clicked on this post. I admit it was a cheap trick to get you to read this post (for which I apologize), but hang in here and you will understand the point I am making with the title. Getting you to click on this post isn’t enough to build…

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Morning Routines of the World’s Most Successful Business People

Do successful business leaders do something different? Or do they get to the top by ruthlessly cheating and conniving? Evidence suggests both ways work. But which would you rather do? Check out what some of the most successful business leaders do in their mornings: 1. Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter and Square He gets up at…

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How to Overcome The Greatest Barrier to Sales Success

Jonathan Farrington says the biggest obstacle to sales success is the “Egocentric Predicament.” Wait a minute! What? Put simply, the “egocentric predicament” refers to placing your own interests above the client’s. To put others’ interests above your own requires extensive hard work overcoming yourself. And overcoming yourself, Jonathan adds, isn’t an easy process. But when you do,…

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Company Culture & The Mystery of the Pool Table by: Chelsea Nolan

A buzzword you may have been hearing lately: Company Culture. Not that it’s new- HR was born with the cubicle- but lately, at least in my social circle, there is talk of bars in the office, pool table tournaments and office-wide happy hour. It seems that the business world is adjusting to the millennial way…

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Authenticity in Sales. By: Rachel Pedersen

Does it ever feel like your life is slipping by too quickly? Or you wonder why it is that some days slip by more quickly than others? I’ve often wondered what causes a day to “fly by.” More importantly, how can we slow it down? I have the answer for you, and it came to…

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So You Have Writer’s Block. Now What? by Rachel Pedersen

You’ve already spent several hours memorizing the blank Google Doc on your screen. But regardless of how hard you will your fingers to begin typing, nothing of value shows up on the document. We are all familiar with the increasing anxiety of writer’s block damming up those creative juices from flowing. The process of prying…

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