Mission Matters: Defining the What, How and Why of Your Business

While many may believe that a company's vision and mission statement are the same, they aren't. One focuses on the future of the business. The other focuses on how the business is going to achieve that future. Having a clear vision statement and a mission statement are both so important to business success. Here's why [...]

How to Develop a Strong Call to Action that Increases Your Sales

There are quite a few ways to generate sales leads. For instance, your business might create useful content such as podcasts and how-to guides on its blog, or it might send newsletters to registered subscribers. No matter what, an essential part of the lead generation process is writing a strong call to action. However, too [...]

Ohhh, So you’re in marketing… 8 (and More!) Disciplines The Marketing Field Demands

By: Andy Moore Not long before I began working at Prospectr a little over three months ago, I would not have envisioned myself being in the field of marketing at all—in any capacity. Nearly all of my previous experience is in educational or other nonprofit environments, as I used to work as a librarian. I [...]

4 Tips to Shoot Your Referral Selling Through the Roof

Are you responsible for prospecting at your business? It's tough when that's your duty as a salesperson. It's hard enough when you just have to make sales. If you have to find your own leads, successful referral selling is a gift from above. And even when you don't have to do your own prospecting, it boosts [...]

How to Lead Your Sales Team to All-Star Performance

Think of your favorite team of all time. It doesn't need to be a sports team (although it could be). It could also be a team you worked on. Somehow, they found something that made them superior to other teams. Or, maybe you've been on a team much the opposite. You had high expectations and [...]

How to Avoid Becoming One of the 1 Million Sales Casualties by 2020

Forrester says about 1 million salespeople, or about 22%, will be out of their jobs due to self-service e-commerce by 2020. The study elaborates that, for B2B buyers, 75% of them say buying from an e-commerce site is more convenient than buying from a sales rep. Crazy! That means our nation will have almost as [...]

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Does Social Selling Work? Or Is It Just a Fad?

You always hear all these crazy stories about people building their entire businesses on LinkedIn. They have millions of dollars, streams of clients, and all sorts of great and glorious things. So...why don't you have any of those? Are those stories you hear even real? Or do they just get made up so you'll buy [...]

The Three Must-Have Elements For Building Sales Teams That Soar

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How to Write a Compelling E-mail Signature that Engages Prospects

Congratulations! The fact you're even reading this post shows you pay attention to every detail as you interact with prospects. And every detail counts. Will a compelling e-mail signature close you millions in new business? Not a chance. Could it be that "extra little boost" to the value you offer that helps just a few [...]