Use These 8 Mind-Blowing Statistics to Close More Sales Today

Think you know what you’re doing in sales? Maybe you do, and you’re spot on, making a total killing. But sales changes so fast that maybe what you used to think was true isn’t anymore. Things aren’t working, and you’re not sure why. Check out these sales stats and see what the case might be for…

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How to Build Relationships with Powerful Executives

Breaking into the trust network of a senior executive is tough. Like, really tough. Regardless of how long they’ve been there, they’ve usually worked with trusted advisors for years. Plus, like every professional, they’re strapped for time. They have hundreds of e-mails sitting in their inbox. They have 20 voice messages they haven’t listened to.…

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3 Fastest Ways Guaranteed to Help You Make Your 2nd Half Sales Numbers

Uh-oh. Did you just look at your sales numbers for 2015…and notice you’re way behind where you should be for the second half? What can you do to recover and save the day? Relax – we got you covered. Here’s what to do: 1. Focus on What Your Prospect Wants to Buy, Not Convincing Convincing…

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What Works with Sales Leadership Today?

You just promoted you “sales superstar” to manager… But you haven’t seen any noticeable improvement in overall sales performance since they took over! What gives? Well, truth be told, selling and leader salespeople are two completely different skills. If your top salesperson isn’t great at leading people, it simply may not be their skill. No sweat. Make…

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Strange But True: Twitter is the #1 Social Site for Salespeople

Founded in December 2002, LinkedIn now boasts more than 380 million users. The network gets 2 new members every second. That makes it the 3rd most popular social network in the world – right behind China’s Qzone and, of course, Facebook. And don’t forget about the anecdotal evidence. Ask anyone the best social site for any…

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How to Add Value to Every Prospect Interaction So Customers Can’t Wait to Do Business with You

“Hi Sally, just checking in to see…” “Hello Sally, hope all is well with you…” “Hello Sally, I’m reaching out to see…” “Hello, Sally, I’m touching base to…” Do you know how many e-mails like these prospects see daily? They don’t incent interest or action. So, your prospects disengage, and you don’t close any more…

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Your Employees Need Motivation in These 6 Ways That Don’t Include Money

When you think of “The American Dream,” what image pops up in your head? A big house, fancy car, lots of vacations…all material things. There’s no doubt about it – money motivates. But after a while, and for just about every person, the motivation money offers dies out. Money’s important – your employees must feel well-compensated…

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Why Do the Best Salespeople Seem To Have All the Luck?

Grrrrrr… No matter what you seem to do in your sales process, you don’t close at the same rate as your office’s “superstar.” You’ve tried everything: increasing urgency, closing more aggressively, qualifying prospects better, saying “no” to more requests, and nothing seems to improve your results. It’s frustrating because you can’t seem to find what…

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Seal the Deal with These 6 Sales Closing Techniques

You and your prospect agreed to a price and date to begin service. Then, when you sent the forms to sign…nothing. Did your weeks and months of hard work go down the drain for naught? What did you do to get your prospect to act? You did do something to incent them to act, didn’t…

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Sex Sells. By Rachel Pedersen.

It just does. That’s why you clicked on this post. I admit it was a cheap trick to get you to read this post (for which I apologize), but hang in here and you will understand the point I am making with the title. Getting you to click on this post isn’t enough to build…

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