Does Social Selling Work? Or Is It Just a Fad?

You always hear all these crazy stories about people building their entire businesses on LinkedIn. They have millions of dollars, streams of clients, and all sorts of great and glorious things. So…why don’t you have any of those? Are those stories you hear even real? Or do they just get made up so you’ll buy…

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The Three Must-Have Elements For Building Sales Teams That Soar

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How to Write a Compelling E-mail Signature that Engages Prospects

Congratulations! The fact you’re even reading this post shows you pay attention to every detail as you interact with prospects. And every detail counts. Will a compelling e-mail signature close you millions in new business? Not a chance. Could it be that “extra little boost” to the value you offer that helps just a few…

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How to Write E-mail Subjects Prospects Can’t Wait to Read

“Ugh. Here comes yet another e-mail from that guy.” When prospects get cold or follow-up e-mails, that’s the first thing they think. Are you worried about “pestering” your prospect? Well, in most cases, if that’s your fear, the uncomfortable truth is you are probably a “pest.” Isn’t persistence a good thing? Yes. Prospects like that.…

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You’ve got mail

By Shannon Ginsberg Deliverability is up at Prospectr, thanks to our new software and everyone’s hard work. My experience working at other companies with upgrading software and system implementation has been accompanied by headaches, heartache and belly aches from the pizza and junk food. Long hours and bloodshot eyeballs are a result of when you…

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5 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make When Interviewing

It happened again! Just 6 months after hiring, you have another sales team member walk out the door. Turnover is a back breaker in business, isn’t it? A CaeerBuilder survey says more than half of the 6,000 hiring professionals survey made a bad hire. And 27% of US employers said at least one of their…

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How to Find Direct Contact Information for Any Prospect

If it took you just a few minutes to get the direct contact information of almost any prospect, would you use that route? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? Nobody likes wasting hours trying to find the direct contact information of any prospect. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy, and basically free. Check out this…

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How to Sell to Everyone Involved in the Decision (Not Just Your Prospect)

Have you ever had this happen to you? You have a great relationship with your prospect. They love you. They love your solution. It’s been one of the smoothest and easiest sales processes you’ve had so far. Everything looks good. Then, you oddly don’t hear back from your prospect. Uh-oh. Something’s wrong… You reach out…

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How the Sales Process REALLY Works (Versus What You Should Do)

Phil Kriendler, owner of a multi-million dollar sales consulting business, says this is how the sales process works in reality: Salespeople do 70% of the talking. The first opportunity they have, they go on and on about the features and benefits their company offers. Of course, when asked, salespeople always say they spend 80% of…

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Do your prospects always object to your terms?

This Post Reveals How to Prevent Objections from Ever Happening

“Your price is too high.” “Call me in six months.” “No way!” Beginning sales people dread objections. And experienced sales people don’t even know what they sound like. Isn’t the ideal really to never even experience objections in the first place? What a dream that would be! Of course, it’s impossible to prevent all objections.…

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